Byron Society AGM and talk by Flora Lisica


5.30-8.00pm, at the Art Workers Guild, London  

 AGM at 5.30 pm

Lecture at 7.00 pm

Dinner from 8.00 pm

The AGM is for members only, but guests are welcome to join the talk.


Following the AGM, the 2018-2019 recipient of our Byron Society PhD Bursary, Flora Lisica, will give a lecture based on her PhD research. 

This talk will explore Byron’s interest in tragedy, and particularly his writing of a number of tragedies to be read rather than staged. Taking Manfred (1817) as a central example, it will consider the difference between tragedy on the page and in the theatre, particularly in light of Regency theatre and reading culture, and ideas of celebrity and privacy, community and isolation. It will suggest that Byron advances an intriguing vision of the meaning and purpose of tragedy, which differs significantly from many of his contemporaries, and remains important today.



Art Workers Guild

6 Queen Square


London WC1N 3AT

See Map 


AGM at 5.30

Drinks 6.30-7.00

Lecture 7.00-8.00pm

The AGM is open to members,  the talk is open to non-members.

This event is free to members but non-members will be charged £5.00 for the talk.

Please let us know if you would like to attend, email

Image: Manfred and the Alpine Witch by John Martin