7th December 2019 (Nottingham)

More details will follow.

The Byron Society invite proposals for 20 minute papers on any aspect of Byron’s Don Juan relating to its conception, reception and imitation.

Published anonymously in the summer of 1819, the first two cantos of Byron’s ‘satirical epic’ Don Juan provided the reading public with a work which self-consciously raised and challenged received ideas about fame, originality and literary merit and was admired and reviled in almost equal measure.

The first two Cantos became an overnight sensation, inspiring countless attacks against their sexual and religious infidelities, the bitingly acerbic social and political commentaries, the horrifying burlesquing of scenes of death and destruction, and the generalised irreverence. While some were shuddering with outrage, others saw the significant commercial opportunities offered by Byron’s ‘Donny Jonny’, with parodies, musical adaptations, and ‘new’ Cantos flooding the market alongside the numerous pirated copies.

This one-day conference has been organised to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Don Juan Cantos I and II, and will include a visit to Newstead Abbey for those that are interested.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Byron’s sources, influences and inspirations for Don Juan
  • Techniques, conventions and tropes
  • The contemporary reception of Don Juan (critical reception, popular and working class reception, male vs female reception, metropolitan vs rural reception, reception in Britain and other countries) and Byron’s response to this
  • Later critical and creative responses to Don Juan
    Imitations and adaptations of the poem
  • Questions of ownership, piracy and anonymous publication
  • The poem’s place in Byron’s oeuvre

Please send submissions to the conference organiser, Dr Emily Paterson-Morgan, at: ByronDonJuan2019@gmail.com.

Bursaries will be available for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

Submission deadline: 1st September 2019