In honour of the 2019 bicentennial of the publication of the first two Cantos of Byron’s ground-breaking and highly controversial amatory epic Don Juan we are collaborating with Peter Gallagher to produce a series of blogs exploring the vexed question of this great poem’s enduring popularity – or rather its lack…

We will be expanding this list of excellent blogs as the year progresses, and they will also be included in our main page for All Things Byron.

 Don Juan: The Greatest Comic Poem in English 

Germaine Greer once observed that Don Juan is the greatest comic poem in English. It should be as popular, she thought, as Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso in Italy or, for that matter, Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin in Russia. True, in my view!

Don Juan: Who needs it, who reads it?

As the greatest comic poem in the language, Don Juan should have a much wider audience among English-speakers everywhere.That’s more than a billion people who could be happier, wiser and… yes, wealthier (if you believe Byron….

Peter Gallagher (@madbaddangerous) blogs at He plans to publish an annotated and narrated version of Cantos I and II of Don Juan later this year in celebration of the bi-Centenary of the first publication of greatest comic poem in English.