Conference Programme

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The provisional conference programme is below, however this will be updated and subject to changes over the coming weeks.

9.00-9.40 Registration & Coffee

9.45 Welcome

9.45-11.25 Session 1, Chaired by Dr Christine Kenyon Jones

Roderick Beaton (King’s College London)
Don Juan and Homer’s Odyssey

William Davies (The Colorado College)
’O Plato! Plato!’: Don Juan versus the Philosophers

Peter Graham (Virginia Tech)
Julia’s Letter

John Havard (State University of New York)
Don Juan in and out of Context: Byron, Hobhouse, and the Politics of Publishing Cantos I and II

11.25-12.00 Coffee

12.00 – 1.10  Session 2, Chaired by Professor Peter Graham

Professor Jerome McGann (Virginia Tech)
‘Byron and his Language’

1.10-2.00 Lunch (held at the venue)

2.00-3.20 Second Panel, Parallel Sessions.

Parallel Session 3A, Chaired by Mirka Horova 

Jake Phipps (Durham University)
The Art of Easy Writing’: Satire and Celebrity in Burns and Byron

Emily Paterson-Morgan (Independent)
‘what shall I do about Ph and her epistles’: The Adulterous Love Letter in Don Juan I.192-198

Fiona Milne (University of York)
Don Juan, the law and Byronic self-defence

Parallel Session 3B, Chaired by Gregory Dowling

David Woodhouse (Independent)
The Conception of Don Juan: Lakers, Cockneys and Don Giovanni

Francesco Marchionni (Durham University)
“This sort of adoration of the real/ Is but a heightening of the ‘beau ideal’”: The (Anti-) Epic Form and Scepticism in Don Juan I-II

Hannah Britton (St Andrews)
Wordsworthian Solitudes?: ‘Tintern Abbey’ and Don Juan I and II

3.20-4.00 Coffee

4.00-5.40 Session 4, Chaired by Professor Roderick Beaton

Chris Kenyon Jones (Kings College London)
‘The brush has beat the poetry’: visual responses to Byron before and after 1819

Leigh Wetherall Dickson (Northumbria University)
Fame and Futurity in A New Canto (1819)

Shona Allan (Cologne University)
‘We need a hero’: From Byron’s Don Juan to Sinead Morrissey’s global Greek tragedy

Gregory Dowling (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
Don Juan and the Greek Crisis: A. E. Stallings’s Response to Byron’s Poem

5.40-6.00 Closing from Bernard Beatty

7.00-7.45 Champagne reception (included in Conference fee)

7.45-10.00 Conference Dinner (optional extra)


8th December, Newstead Abbey Tour.

Bus will collect everyone from outside the Mercure Hotel on George St, and leave at 10.00am. We are on a tight schedule, so please to arrive at least 10 minutes before the departure time. The tour will last 2 hours, and people can look round the house, gardens, and shop, and have a coffee. We will leave 1t 12.45, and the bus will drop everyone off at Nottingham train station.


We are pleased to announce that this conference is organised in affiliation with BARS and Romantic Bicentennials