2024 Newstead Abbey Byron Conference

Start Date & Time 26/04/2024 9:30 pm

Location Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire

26th-27th April 2024

Newstead Abbey

“But words are things, and a small drop of ink

Falling like dew, upon a thought produces

That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”

2024 marks the bicentenary of Lord Byron’s death. It is therefore fitting that the 2024 Newstead Abbey Byron Conference not only commemorates his death but also celebrates the life and works of both the multifaceted man and his dazzlingly diverse poetry. The theme for this year’s conference, Provocative and Provoking: Fifty Shades of Byron has been chosen to encourage papers exploring every aspect of Byron’s life, his poems, and his contemporary and current reception across the globe.

We could offer a lengthy list of potential topics, but it would be impossible to include them all.

So instead, we invite you to join us and discuss your Byrons – the poet and the playwright, the lover and the misanthrope, the pacifist and the warleader, the atheist and the spiritualist, the witty correspondent and the shrewd satirist. We also invite you to share your insights and observations regarding Byron’s poems, the profound fluctuations in his popularity over the last two hundred years, and the enduring significance of the poet and his poetry for so many cultures and communities today.

The conference will be held in Newstead Abbey, and delegates will have the opportunity to tour the house and gardens during the conference. In addition, to mark this special occasion, we will also be expanding the conference to include additional cultural events, both in the Abbey and at nearby locations connected with Lord Byron and his family. These include a special poetry & coffee morning at Bromley House Library, a Byron Quiz, and a preview performance of a new play about Byron.

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