Dangerous to Know – a new Play

Start Date & Time 27/04/2024 7:00 pm

Location Newstead Abbey

Speakers CLAIR/OBSCUR Theatre

7.00pm-8.30pm (drinks and performance)

Pre-review performance of a new play

Tickets: £18.00

Purchase here.

The Byron Society is thrilled to announce we are working with noted playwright Deborah Clair and CLAIR/OBSCUR Theatre to support the preview performance of a new play about Byron’s life, Dangerous to Know.

Prior to the play, there is an opportunity to join us for a fantastic Byron Quiz, starting at 5.30pm. This will take place at Newstead Abbey, in the West Room above the café, and is free to join.


LORD BYRON: Dangerous to Know

Summer 1841

Claire Clairmont, Lord Byron’s former mistress, has just laid her mother to rest before heading back to Europe. However, a letter with a secret passed to Claire at the funeral has raked up painful memories about their scandalous affair and a nagging conviction that she must uncover the truth.

Resolving she cannot do this alone, Claire co-opts her half sister, Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein to help. After all, Mary was part of the Byron set; she’ll know what to do. However, the past is sordid, murky and digging for answers requires getting your hands dirty. And are they prepared for what will be unearthed?

CLAIR/OBSCUR Theatre offers a reappraisal of the legendary poet to mark the bicentenary of his death in 2024…