“Renegado Rascals”: Byron and Wordsworth

Byron Society Talk, 22nd January

6.30-8.00pm, at the Art Workers Guild, London

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They were two of the most famous poets of their day, but they weren’t too keen on each other. Wordsworth wrote, ‘Let me only say one word upon Lord B. The man is insane’.  [/ezcol_2third_end]

Byron, on the other hand, called Wordsworth’s poetry ‘vulgar’ and ‘childish’, and memorably referred to him as ‘Turdsworth’.

In this talk Dr Tess Somervell traces Byron and Wordsworth’s tempestuous relationship. They only met in person once, but over several decades they traded insults – professional and personal – and accusations of plagiarism through their poems, reviews, and letters. However, there are also hints of mutual respect and admiration, even reverence.

Nowadays Byron and Wordsworth are often contrasted, as though they represent opposite kinds of ‘Romanticism’ – but did these poetic rivals have more in common than they liked to admit?




Art Workers Guild

6 Queen Square


London WC1N 3AT


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Drinks at 6.30

Lecture 7.00-8.00pm

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Tickets must be purchased.

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Enquiries: contact@thebyronsociety.com