About the Byron Society

The Byron Society was re-founded in London on 22nd January 1971 through the energies of a number of well-known Byronists, especially Elma Dangerfield CBE. In 1973, we started the Byron Journal, which is published twice a year, and which all members receive free.

In 1974, we held our first organised international conference. Since then, we have had a conference every year, in countries such as Greece, the USA, Japan, France, Canada, Malta and Italy. All members are welcome to join us.

Today, the Byron Society holds regular lectures and social events in London, as well as occasionally elsewhere in the UK. For more details, please see Byron Society Events.

Celebrating Byron across the world

We also set up an International Council in 1976. This helps promote interest and scholarship concerning Byron on a worldwide basis.
Numerous independent societies throughout the world form a confederation known as the International Byron Society. For example, there is a flourishing Byron Society of America and Marsha Mann produces an excellent circular of information about events of interest to Byronists in the United States and elsewhere.

For more on Byron societies elsewhere, please see Byron links.

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The annual subscription is just £30. For more details, and to join us, please email connect@thebyronsociety.com

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