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‘Taking another tack’: quick alternations in Don Juan, by Professor Richard Cronin

19th December, in-person

In this talk, Professor Richard Cronin will discuss aspects of his new book, Byron’s Don Juan: The Liberal Epic of the Nineteenth Century. This talk considers how it was that the new manner that Byron cultivated in Don Juan should have had so striking an effect…

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22nd January 2024, IN PERSON

I think of trying prose’: Byron & the Novel (Edwina Watson)

This talk will trace some of Byron’s most revealing encounters with the evolving form of the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century novel, and considers what this lifelong interest in prose tell us about Byron the poet.


7th February 2024, IN PERSON

Austen and Byron: Regency Relations (Dr Christine Kenyon Jones)

Jane Austen and Lord Byron are often presented as opposites, but Christine Kenyon Jones’s new book brings them within touching distance: exploring how their lives, interests, work and sense of humour often linked them in the Regency and Romantic world which shaped them. 


20th March 2024, ONLINE

Judging George: Byron’s Tolerance in The Vision of Judgement (Kaiwen Hou)

The unusual ending of George the Third in The Vision of Judgment has always aroused great attention. Critics argue about Byron’s tolerance of this ‘first opponent’ of liberty. This talk explores Byron’s representation of the unique mechanism of judgement in this poem, to evaluate George’s ‘duties as a king and mortal’.



18th April 2024

Dinner: Byron at the House of Lords

To commemorate the death of Lord Byron on 19th April 1824, we will be hosting a dinner at the House of Lords. The dinner will be preceded by a short ceremony in Westminster Abbey.

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16th May – Art Workers Guild

AGM and Lecture

Byron in Space, Dr Anthony Howe

What did Byron know about astronomy and how did this knowledge shape his poetry?

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5th June 2024 ONLINE

Byron’s Arboreal Imagination – Lydia Shaw

This talk explores Byron’s representation of his own evolving exilic identity, and his views concerning the growth of the individual mind, and of nations and empires, through the imagery of trees.

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2024 Newstead Abbey Byron Conference, 26-27 April.

2024 marks the bicentenary of Lord Byron’s death. It is therefore fitting that the 2024 Newstead Abbey Byron Conference not only commemorates his death but also celebrates the life and works of both the multifaceted man and his dazzlingly diverse poetry.

The deadline for the Call for Papers is the 2nd of January.

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19th September 2024, IN PERSON

Jock Murray and Lord Byron (David McClay)

Many of Jock Murray’s invaluable contributions to Byronic scholarship, publishing and public appreciation are well known but fractured. The publication of a new biography reveals the invaluable support he provided for over half a century to numerous scholars leading to a transformational understanding and of Byron’s life and works.


Plus Luke Maxted, Lydia Shaw, Prof. Agustin Coletes Blanco, Pia Lapinski, and many more…

2025 – William Sherwood

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