About Lord Byron

One of England’s greatest poets, George Gordon, Lord Byron lived from 1788 to 1824. He was a leading figure among the Romantics, and a contemporary of Shelley and Keats. Today, he remains widely read and influential. His most famous works are Child Harold’s Pilgrimage and Don Juan. Other well-known works include the poems She walks in beauty, When we two parted and So we’ll go no more a roving.

‘Mad, bad and dangerous to know.’

Byron is just as famous for his life of excess, which featured countless love affairs, huge debts and self-imposed exile. His many romantic conquests included Lady Caroline Lamb, who famously described him as ‘Mad, bad and dangerous to know.’ To the Greeks, however, he is nothing short of a national hero, having fought in the Greek War of Independence. As if that were not enough, Byron also served as a leader of Italian revolutionaries.