The Byron Society is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring a panel at The Shelley Conference 2022 (#Shelley200) and providing bursaries of £150.00 each for three speakers. 


Charles E. Robinson notably described Shelley and Byron as the ‘snake and eagle wreathed in fight’, lifting and adapting a phrase from Shelley’s The Revolt of Islam. His phrase captures the commonalities and contrasts of these two young poets, both idealistic and embittered by turns, whose close but often fraught friendship developed during a period of astounding personal and poetic productivity.

The friendships, collaborations, and cross-fertilizations which occurred between Percy Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Lord Byron and their peers during this period have proved a source of endless fascination – both in academic scholarship and popular culture.

To celebrate this period and commemorate Shelley’s untimely demise, we are  sponsoring a drinks reception at the Shelley Conference 2022 (at Keats House in London) and also inviting proposals for a sponsored panel expanding our understanding of the ways in which Byron and Shelley complemented and undermined each other.

Topics could include:

  • Shelley and Byron, serious and satirical
  • Literary and biographical collaborations and contrasts
  • The poets’ activities in Italy in general and 1822 in particular
  • Collaborations and challenges
  • Conscious and unconscious cross-fertilizations between Mary, Percy and Byron
  • How did Byron contribute to Shelley’s reception and legacy
  • Views of exile and conceptions of home
  • Political and moral codes
  • Sociosexual mores and practicalities of love and duty
  • Reception and biography, legend and hagiographic myth
  • Receptions of antiquity
  • Responses to the Greek Revolution of 1821
  • Gender fluidity / free love
  • Byron and Shelley and the Labour ‘movement’ (from Chartists to Foot and Corbyn, perhaps)
  • Film/TV Byrons and Shelleys

We are particularly interested in submissions from PGR / ECR applicants.

Please send submissions to Dr Emily Paterson-Morgan, Director of The Byron Society, by 31st March 2022,