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 Prospectuses, Specimens and “National Works”: Hookham Frere, Byron and Book-Trade Satire, by David Duff

22nd March – IN PERSON

In this lecture, David Duff will show how Hookam Frere’s wide-ranging satire of the British book trade, including marketing devices such as prospectuses, specimens, and grandiose-sounding labels like ‘national work’, has multiple echoes in Byron’s poetry.

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Fellow Sinners: Byron’s Influence on Twentieth-Century Poets, by Madeline Callaghan

18th April, IN PERSON

In the twentieth-century, Byron offers poetic opportunities for new generations of poets. This talk considers Byron’s influence not as subconscious but as deliberately fashioned by his inheritors, where W. B. Yeats, W. H. Auden, and John Berryman choose the way in which Byron functions as a model in their poetry.

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2023 Newstead Abbey Byron Conference

April 21-22, 2023 (at Newstead Abbey). 

In July 1823, Byron embarked upon his ill-fated trip to Greece. Although this trip resulted in his death at the age of 36, it also redeemed a somewhat tarnished reputation and forever immortalised him as the poet of liberty and revolution….

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16th May 2023 AGM, and lecture from Professor John Gardner

Byron, Percy Shelley and Thomas Love Peacock were famously keen on boats. After our annual AGM, there will be a drinks reception and a lecture from Professor John Gardner on the fascination which steam ships held for these nautical Romantics…

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“Hope You Guessed My Name”: The Devil and the Making of Lord Byron, by Emily Bernhard Jackson

14 June – Edinburgh

Our 4th Annual Scotland Lecture is affiliated with the British Association of Romantic Studies Post Graduate Conference. Our members can not only join us for the lecture and drinks reception but will also have the opportunity to attend a special Byron panel, sponsored by the Byron Society, on the 15th of June. We will also be organising a cultural tour in Edinburgh prior to the lecture, details to follow.

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18th July – Dr Paul Whickman, Byron’s poetry and sound (in person)

August – IABS conference, San Francisco

19th September – Dr Andrew McInnes on the ridiculousness of Lord Byron (in person)

 ‘Humphry Davy’s Notebooks’, by Professor Sharon Ruston

18th October – ONLINE

Sir Humphry Davy (1778-1829) was the foremost chemist of the early nineteenth century. It is less well known that he wrote poetry throughout his life. He was a friend of Lord Byron and wrote at least two poems about Byron. In this talk, Sharon Ruston will explore these poems and examine some of the poetry Davy wrote in his notebooks while in the laboratory conducting chemical experiments.

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 “let my works be bound in Red”: Bookbinding and the Packaging of Romanticism

14th November – ONLINE

Writing to John Cam Hobhouse, Lord Byron joked that he hoped his works would “be bound in Red” after his death. Likely a reference to luxurious red leather bindings that were popular in the Romantic era, Byron’s comments reveal the poet’s occupation with the material forms his posthumous reputation might take.

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Kaiwen Hou, Luke Maxted, Lydia Shaw, Edwina Watson, Prof. Agustin Coletes Blanco, and many more…

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