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4th September-8th September – International Byron Conference

University of Vecht

Transgressive Romanticism: Boundaries, Limits and Taboos. 

Romanticism thrives on contradictions; conjuring up images and ideas of acquiescence in the sad Wordsworthian “music of humanity” (‘Tintern Abbey’) and in pastoral serenity on the one hand, it is, on the other, defined by transgressiveness, overreaching and the repudiation of boundaries. While political boundaries are often daringly crossed in Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poetry, it is intriguing to see that, aesthetically speaking, even radicals such as Shelley (persistently) abided by the strict and apparently restrictive patterns of sonnets, odes or terza rima forms.

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16th October – Byron on Toobonai” by Nicholas Gayle

In this talk, Nicholas Gayle will focus attention on the embarrassment of heroic riches Byron presents us with in ‘The Island’ and how they represent competing aspects of his own psyche—to wit, Capt. Bligh, Torquil, Neuha and Christian. How Byron keeps the narrative buoyant and free from heroic clutter, bringing off his one and only truly happy ending in the process, presents us with a fascinating story of a poet at the end of his tether.

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14th November – The Fall of the House of Byron by Emily Brand 

Author and Byron Society member, Emily Brand, will give the very first preview of her forthcoming book, based on her research into the colourful eighteenth-century ancestry of the 6th Lord Byron.  A dramatic and scandal-filled family saga unfolding over three generations, The Fall of the House of Byron reveals how the stage was set for the rise of the nation’s most revered (and on occasion reviled) Romantic poet.

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 Byron’s Don Juan: Conception, Reception, Imitation”

7th December, Nottingham.

This one-day conference has been organised to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Don Juan Cantos I and II.  

There will be an optional conference dinner and trip to Newstead Abbey

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17th December – Annual Christmas Lunch 

Join us for our Christmas lunch at The East India Club, with a talk from William St Clair on his  collection of miniature copies of Don Juan, including an opportunity to see and handle some of these fascinating volumes.

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18th February, a talk on Byron and Blake by  ProfessorJason Whittaker

March, a talk by Sir Drummond Bone at Keats House

23rd April, a talk by Dr Anna Mercer on Byron and the Shelleys

20th May, a talk by Flora Liscia after our AGM

11th June, a talk by Dr Charlotte May ‘Vampyre, ghost, or goul, what is it?’: Byron’s Samuel Rogers

27th June – 5th July, International Byron Conference at Thessaloniki

7th July, a talk on Shelley’s provocative and pornographic doodles by Dr Bysshe Coffey

17th September, a talk by Andrew and Suzanne Edmunds on Byron and Polidori

20th October, a talk by Lee Livingstone, The Impact of Women’s Writing on Lord Byron.

20th November, a dinner at the House of Lords, with a talk.

December, a talk on Byron and animals by Dr Anna Camillieri

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