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23rd April, ‘Mary Shelley’s hand in the manuscripts of Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron’ by Dr Anna Mercer

In this talk, Dr Anna Mercer (Cardiff University) will discuss how manuscripts can provide evidence of Mary Shelley’s involvement in the productions of two of her literary companions: her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley and her friend Lord Byron.  Mary Shelley is, of course, now understood as an iconic and prolific author in her own right. This paper will argue that another way Mary Shelley has been overlooked is the lack of attention paid to her role as amanuensis and sometimes contributor to her literary associates’ works.

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After our AGM, which will run from 5.30-6.30,  Flora Lisica will give a talk on Byron and Tragedy. This talk will explore Byron’s interest in tragedy, and particularly his writing of a number of tragedies to be read rather than staged. Taking Manfred (1817) as a central example, it will consider the difference between tragedy on the page and in the theatre, particularly in light of Regency theatre and reading culture, and ideas of celebrity and privacy, community and isolation.

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11th June, ‘Vampyre, ghost, or goul, what is it?’: Byron’s Samuel Rogers a talk by Dr Charlotte May POSTPONED TILL FURTHER NOTICE

Byron’s relationship with Rogers began with appreciation for the doors that Rogers could open for him in society as well as his poetry, but ended with Byron writing in a “private” letter to John Murray that Rogers was ‘the Cancer of his Species’. This talk charts the development of this fascinating relationship, and how Byron’s relationship with Rogers sheds light on two of the best known figures of literary society in the Romantic period.

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17th September, ‘Coming in from the Cold: Re-examining the relationship between Polidori and Byron’ by Andrew and Suzanne Edwards POSTPONED TILL FURTHER NOTICE

‘Poor Polidori’ or ‘Polly Dolly’ are just two of the dismissive epithets bestowed on Dr John William Polidori, which reflect his marginalization in the retelling of events from the summer of 1816. This talk will explore the poet’s journey via the incidents and events recorded by his physician, with the intention of sympathetically portraying Polidori as a three-dimensional human-being, warts and all, rather than a simple caricature.

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22nd October, ‘The Impact of Women’s Writing on Lord Byron’ by Lee Livingstone POSTPONED TILL FURTHER NOTICE

This talk will explore Lord Byron’s interest in women’s writing and the impact several of these women writers had over his career. Attention will be given to three literary figures in particular, whose writings and opinions Byron held in very high regard. These are Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Madame de Staël, and Mary Shelley.

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Professor David Duff will give a talk on Byron and Hookam Frere

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