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28th March – Dr Matthew Ward at Keats House, ‘Byron’s Poetic Afterlife’

This talk will consider the poetic afterlife of Byron in the long nineteenth century, focusing in particular on Matthew Arnold’s criticism and poetry. It will reflect on literary inheritance by thinking about the various ways the Romantic influence of Byron is dealt with by those that came after, and how (for better or worse) they resurrect Byron in their writing.

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Professor Tom Mole “Byron in Bronze: Commemorating Byron in Victorian London”

24th April 2019

Art Workers Guild 6.30pm

In this talk, Professor Mole will examine the history of the statue of Byron by Richard Belt, now in Hyde Park, and evaluate its significance both for Byron’s Victorian reputation and for Victorian Londoners’ understanding of their city.

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26th-27th April, “Faith and Infidelity: Byron in 1819”

Annual Newstead Abbey Byron Society Conference.

Immersed in an affair with a married woman, fresh from writing about one ‘married woman’, Laura, and her lover, the Count in Beppo, and publishing the story of another extra-marital affair (between Julia and Juan) and of the consequences of another (in Mazeppa), Byron in 1819 had infidelity very much on his mind. Yet Italy was inspiring faith in him too – in ‘art and its great masters’ – and in ‘more’ than this (‘each conception was a heavenly guest’), in ‘Freedom’s banner, torn, but flying’, in an Italy ‘still impregnate with divinity’, and in the healing power of time and ‘forgiveness’ (CHP, IV).

More details of the talk and the CFP are available here.

14th May – AGM & Talk

AGM and Talk by Dr Mirka Horova

‘Headlong he leapt – to him the swimmer’s skill / Was native’: Byron at Sea

14th May

This talk will address the many ways in which Byron’s life-long relationship with the sea is reflected in his writing.

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20th-25th May – 14th International Student Byron Conference

Held in Messolonghi, Greece, the topic of this year’s conference will be “Byron & Revolution”.

The Byron Society is offering 3 student bursaries for travel and expenses.

More details of the Conference CFP and Bursary applications here.

 19th June – ‘Byron, Boxing, and Regency Culture’ by  Professor Tim Webb

Like several of his literary contemporaries (the Keats brothers, Hazlitt, Reynolds, John Wilson (‘Christopher North’), Clare and Moore), Byron was attracted to boxing.  In this lecture, Professor Tim Webb explores this powerful cultural phenomenon, gave expression to virtues which were quintessentially English, although it was condemned as degrading and brutal by others.

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27th June – “Lord Byron, poh! the man wot writes the werses?: John Clare’s flights of fame with Byron”

Professor Simon Kövesi, Head of the Department of English and Modern Languages at Oxford Brookes University, will give a lecture on Northamptonshire poet John Clare’s response to Byron’s life and works. Byron forms a kind of touchstone for Clare – of poetic sociability and literary success – even while he assertively pushes back against the elitism and snobbery he finds in Byron’s English Bards, forging his own social network of labouring-class poets as he does so.

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14th July, Afternoon Poetry Reading at Keats House. 

Celebrate the bicentenary of the publication of the first two cantos of Byron’s satirical epic, Don Juan. The poem caused a sensation when the first two Cantos appeared in July 1819: the ‘immoral content’ led the work to be deemed a ‘filthy and impious poem’… but it was very popular with the general public. Cannibalism, shipwreck, religious and sexual infidelity – Don Juan has it all! Join the Keats House Poetry Ambassadors for a special reading including works by Byron and some of his contemporaries. In partnership with the Byron Society.

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15th July – “Byron: Nationalist? Citizen of Nowhere?”

Edinburgh, Sir Drummond Bone at the National Library of Scotland

In his life and works Lord Byron showed interest in a whole panoply of different cultures and demonstrated his support for peoples against Empires. However, being ‘born for opposition’ and a frequent promoter of the individual (let alone his Anglo-Scottish genes) makes Byron’s own rootedness and ideas of identity complex.  In this lecture Sir Drummond Bone explores concepts of nation and citizenship in Byron’s poetry, drama and other writings.

This talk celebrates the bicentennial of the publication of Don Juan Cantos I and II, and is part of the John Murray Archive exhibition at the National Library of Scotland.

Dr Anthony Howe “Byron’s Letters: the absence and the presence of poetry”

24th July 2019 

Art Workers’ Guild  6.30 pm

Under the Net letter writing has more or less gone the way of hunter gathering. Byron’s letters, at their best, are astonishing and their multifarious cultural background fascinating. This talk will comment on those cultures while thinking about the letters from a literary-critical perspective.

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31st July – Byron Society Sponsored panel and reception at the 2019 International Conference of Romanticism.

We are proud to be sponsoring a panel at this year’s ICR conference in Manchester, on Byron, from 3:45-5.15pm, followed by the opening reception for the Conference, from 7.30-8.30pm.

If you are interested in attending these two events, and a member of The Byron Society, please get in touch via

4th September-8th September – International Byron Conference

University of Vecht

Transgressive Romanticism: Boundaries, Limits and Taboos. 

Romanticism thrives on contradictions; conjuring up images and ideas of acquiescence in the sad Wordsworthian “music of humanity” (‘Tintern Abbey’) and in pastoral serenity on the one hand, it is, on the other, defined by transgressiveness, overreaching and the repudiation of boundaries. While political boundaries are often daringly crossed in Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poetry, it is intriguing to see that, aesthetically speaking, even radicals such as Shelley (persistently) abided by the strict and apparently restrictive patterns of sonnets, odes or terza rima forms.

For details of the CFP click here.

16th October –  Byron and the Sea Green Isle
Nicky Gayle will give a talk about his recent book exploring the cultural and historical inspiration for Byron’s poem The Island. More details to follow.

14th November – The Fall of the House of Byron
Author and Byron Society member, Emily Brand, will give a talk on her forthcoming book, The Fall of the House of Byron.
More details to follow.


 Byron’s Don Juan: Conception, Reception, Imitation”

7th December, Nottingham.

This one-day conference has been organised to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Don Juan Cantos I and II.  

For more details and CFP, Click Here.  

December – Annual Christmas Lunch 

More Details to Follow.


Our speakers in 2020 will include Sir Drummond Bone, Dr Charlotte May, Dr Anna Camilleri, and Dr Anna Mercer.

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